Hello World!

it took quite a while to get this little project done. In part, this was due to being held up with other stuff, but also to the fact that I am notoriously bad at deciding about things like fonts, layout etc.

So here it is!

Well, I’m still not sure its perfect, but so far I like it :)

»How does it work?«

Because I generally like minimal, plain text interfaces to most things computer I opted for building a static site using hakyll. I suppose the reason for that is also that I try to use haskell for anything these days.

The basic idea is to write blog posts in markdown in a good text editor and then convert the files into static html pages before uploading them.

»What will you use it for?«

This blog is meant as a way to collect all the bits and pieces of information I find on interesting subjects and publish them in a low-key manner. Ideally, its a means to remind me things I discovered that I’d otherwise forget quite quickly, or that would get buried under a pile of other stuff.

Enough for now!